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Tue Mar 27 19:02:37 EST 2001

Nat listed

> 1. Lindt Madagascar--60-70% cocoa content, with little chopped up cocoa beans.

I've only ever come across this in Spanish supermarkets, which are 
a great place to find good chocolate. That saved me once when I 
had left my present buying til my last Saturday afternoon only to 
find most of the shops closed for siesta and didn't bother reopening 
on Saturdays.  

> 2. Gaillard & Debeuve, from Paris.
> 3. Caillebot.
> 4. Neuchatel, which I only know from the shop in Plaza Hotel in New 
> York. Costs as much as the train ticket, but oh it's worth it
> 5. Chocolate-covered Cranberries--Think of cocaine, and make it taste 
> like Nantucket.

May I add
6. Cote d'Or milk chocolate -- the only milk chocolate worth eating 
imo. Sadly the only time I've found it in the pure form recently is in 
foreign airports -- and I don't fly often enough.

7. My American friend Vicki brought back from the US aTerry's 
chocolate raspberry. Wicked. We need to campaign to get these in 
the UK!

8. Zartbitter -- a really cheap German chocolate bar which we used 
to get on Sheffield market, the best bitter sweet dark chocolate I 
have ever tasted.

Oh and Sheffield is the home of Thorntons so I'm blase about it (ho 
ho ho).

I had half a Hershey kiss once and nearly spat it out. Sooo nasty. I 
don't understand why you lot put up with it either! Its a funny thing 
though there was a kind of very cheap, over sweet English 
chocolate which was sold by the quarter from slabs. I absolutely 
craved this on very hot days. It was similar to the blocks of cooking 
chocolate  (ie scotbloc) that we get over here. Climate definitely 
makes a difference to how things taste for example I enjoyed ouzo 
in Greece .................


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