Which Contains Far Too Many Confusions...

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Tue Mar 27 16:29:55 EST 2001

Melissa wrote:
"Perhaps the question should be "Do people generally like pickled beets, or
are they an ideological statement of being?""

lol - workers of the world unite under the sign of the pickled beet.

>Elise  <---- a stranger to pickling

"I believe if I define Elise as strange, it will be for far better reasons
than her granola-eating habits.  :)"

Thank you dear!  :D

"Soy granola?  There is such a beast?"

What rough beast comes slouching toward breakfast(besides my boyfriend that
is)? - I think the brand is Nature Plus and it's called Soy Natural. It's
really, really good.  You'd like it, really! Luckily they sell it in bulk.
They also have Ginger Zing and Hemp. Also good. The hemp is so very heavy
though, that I feel by rights I should spend the morning chopping wood or
building a barn to justify having eaten it.  

Still really hungry
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