Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Mar 27 15:55:40 EST 2001

Irina wrote:

>LOL! Mine are completely ignorant of it (come to think of it, so was
>I before I read this thread and noticed it in the supermarket), but
>we do have the Dutch mainstay of "hagelslag" - chocolate sprinkles to
>put on bread - and also chocolate paste, which I don't buy except as
>a very special treat, because they (a) finish the jar in a few days
>and (b) manage to cover themselves completely with it.

I remember going to a one-year old's birthday party when Becca was 
about four.  They served a cake _covered_ with navy blue frosting. 
You can imagine the state of the children, their clothes, the walls, 

>Peanut butter doesn't count as "sweet" (well, there's a lot of
>protein in it and hardly any sugar) and they can have it for lunch,
>when they're not allowed sprinkles. They've discovered peanut butter
>and banana, and if there's even one banana in the house that's what
>they want, even the one who would choose ham every time if it wasn't
>Lent (we're mostly vegan until Easter).

Vegan sounds pretty darn good to me right now.  Having heard about 
the Thornton's ginger chocolate, and having given up, guess what for 
Lent?  Sob. Eggs, milk, who needs them? :)


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