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Tue Mar 27 15:23:18 EST 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, McMullin, Elise wrote:

> I hope never to have to address this issue, should I become a
> parent. I hope to keep any children I might have completely
> ignorant of marshmallow paste that could be eaten.

LOL! Mine are completely ignorant of it (come to think of it, so was
I before I read this thread and noticed it in the supermarket), but
we do have the Dutch mainstay of "hagelslag" - chocolate sprinkles to
put on bread - and also chocolate paste, which I don't buy except as
a very special treat, because they (a) finish the jar in a few days
and (b) manage to cover themselves completely with it.

And various kinds of sugar sprinkles with artificial flavour, of
which the anise-flavoured ones are the least obnoxious and the pink
and orange and yellow ones (purported to be strawberry, orange and
banana) the most. There's also apple, which tastes exactly like
artificial apple flavour, and the kids like that best but it's

Peanut butter doesn't count as "sweet" (well, there's a lot of
protein in it and hardly any sugar) and they can have it for lunch,
when they're not allowed sprinkles. They've discovered peanut butter
and banana, and if there's even one banana in the house that's what
they want, even the one who would choose ham every time if it wasn't
Lent (we're mostly vegan until Easter).


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