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> Why do US consumers put up with it?
> This is a real question,
> you [generic] guys have *lots* of spending muscle,
> why haven't the chocolate
> companies been forced to change their wicked ways?

The other thing is too, that people don't have any sense of their own power.
There is no desire to exercise consumer muscle as far as I can tell.
Personally, I definitely make $$ decisions if I am not going to support
something I disapprove of (or even just don't care for :).  Instead, we tend
to take the ads as commandments and feel pressure to "live up to" the
picture we see.  It's totally upside down.

I was just at an FTC hearing a couple of weeks ago where marketers discussed
their desire to "build 'relationships' with consumers."  Ho ho ho. I mean,
not that marketing is inimical in some way, but it just makes me think of
being hit on in a bar and calling that "building a relationship."  lol.
Let's just say that they would not argue with encouraging co-dependency in
seller/buyer relationships  :)  Although I imagine they *would* argue with
my choice of words!

A marketing coup is when people call it a brand, like Jell-O, and there is
no other word to describe it.

(c)2001 Elise(tm)

It all kind of makes me think of Archer's Goon sometimes. Especially all
those credit card offers I receive - if that's not farming, or at least
herding me and shearing my wool, then I can't think what is.  Weren't there
carnivorous sheep in DLOD?  Just to extend the metaphor.

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