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>Actually, I've always thought that half the Tough Guide entries
> were direct parodies of Eddings (think of the Small Man).  I
> asked DWJ in a letter once and she wouldn't name any names.

It seemed that way to me too. I thought the gay mage (one of my 
favourites) was suggested by Lackey, Duane and Huff. Do you think
she could be persuaded to name the guilty and put it away in a 
solicitors safe not to be opened for 30 years or something?

On the subject of the Tough Guide the addendum I'd most like to 
write is about Blacksmiths: They are always Large Men,  reliable 
and Good. They are natural leaders (though never Lost Heirs) and if 
they are not Tour Companions then they will take over running the 
village after the mayor or whoever either sells out to Evil or makes a 
mess of running off the monsters. If old enough they will have a big 

I've been thinking about this ever since I met a real blacksmith. He 
was quite short really with impressive wiry muscles, a wicked grin 
and a nice little dog. he had a great way with animals of course. He 
said he didn't plan to continue smithing once he was into his mid 
thirties as it's hell on the back. Seeing him hold a Clydesdale's 
hoof up I could believe it.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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