Patrick Self pself30 at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 27 13:18:19 EST 2001

But my main point is
> US chocolate. This totally puzzles me. US chocolate products are
> brownies and muffins and so on, and yet the actual bars of chocolate are
> just awful. They taste like the really cheap chocolate that Xmas tree
> ornaments are made of. (And I'm speaking from Britain, whose chocolate is
> sneered at with a vengeance by Europeans.) Presumably there's a really low
> percentage of actual cocoa solids and butter in it. I don't know about
> premium, v. expensive ones, they may be better. (Though last time I was
> there there were some bars of Cadbury's in a drugstore at twice the price-
> imported, doncherknow. I fell on them with a glad cry, but they were just
> bad! In the small print it said "made under license by Hershey's in the
> USA"! Grrrr.) Why do US consumers put up with it? This is a real question,
> you [generic] guys have *lots* of spending muscle, why haven't the
> companies been forced to change their wicked ways?
> Jennifer

Perhaps it's because we don't notice it's so horrible? :) Honestly, US
chocolate tastes fine to me, and though my friends from Switzerland have
brought me many samples of chocolate from that land, I really don't really
notice that much of a difference. We're just used to it, I guess.

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