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Tue Mar 27 12:21:16 EST 2001

Here's my contribution to several threads:

Hi, Liz.  Yes, there are several of us on this list. . . . one of the
things about having a common name is that you do end up with lots of
nickname choices. . . I find that I can date when I met people by what
they call me.

About the marshmallow and corn pops--um, rice krispies treats.  Melted
marshmallow and butter and rice krispies that you let harden.  They're
wonderful (and since coming to college I've discovered that they count as
a breakfast food).  The ones you buy ready-made have a sort of bitter
chemical taste to them (and avoid all the ones with strange combinations
of peanut butter and chocolate at all costs!) but the homemade ones are
great (though mine never seem to be square-able.  They're sort of
goopy).  Don't the rest of you <waves vaguely at world> have rice krispie

On hot drinks:  Can't stand coffee.  Not a big tea fan, either.  Part of
this has to do with my amazing reaction to caffeine.  When I was about
four my uncle gave me three sips of coke and I was literally bouncing off
the walls (someone said it as a figure of speech, I thought it was funny,
and ran around trying to get my feet halfway up the walls) for the next
twenty-two hours.  So I was never allowed it again.  Decaf coffee keeps me
up ALL night--even a quarter of a cup, say.  I love hot chocolate (I was
never allowed chocolate either--isn't it sad?) (but I can't drink the
caffeinated kind after about two o'clock) and I don't mind the powdered
stuff, I guess because I'm used to it.  I actually prefer the kind where
you add water to the milk type, in part because I've never mastered the
knack of heating milk--and after you boil milk, it's really really icky.

On chocolate:  American chocolate, yes, is horrid.  This is
undeniable.  Nestle's the worst, but Hershey is pretty bad too.  Things
like Snickers--where you can barely taste the chocolate--are okay, but
other than that, I avoid it.  I also don't really like milk chocolate,
which is the most prevalent type over here.  So when I'm after chocolate,
I go for Lindt or something else either European or South American.  Some
of the small chocolate shops in the US are good; anybody from
Massachusetts and know Munson's?  I'm told that their milk chocolate is
avoidable, but I like their dark chocolate.  There's one in Bradley
airport.  I read a book on chocolate once (I can't remember why) and it
talked about these tours where you'd go around Europe from chocolate shop
to chocolate shop.  At the time it sounded hugely fun.  Now it's a
bit. . . well. . . . off putting.  Another thing that sort of half icky,
half good is a snack I used to bum off a Japanese friend called Yan
Yan.  It's wheat sticks that you dip into a fake chocolate goo.  The
grease content is incredible.  There's this other Japanese stuff called
pocky which is basically thin sticks already dipped in chocolate (or
strawberry or almond, or chocolate with almond, or marbled chocolate) and
I find the combination of the stick and the sweet strange at first, but
really good when you're in the mood.  All the sort of cupcake-y Japanese
things I've had are sort of dry.  American type ones--like the little
debbie chocolate cupcakes--are pretty decent.

Twinkies are just scary.

What about gum?  I've recently been addicted to a kind of Japanese
bubblegum (Marukawa) that's especially nice because it doesn't stick to
things like noses, hair, glasses, paper, phones, etc.  It also doesn't
have the overblown fake sugary taste that Bubblicious strawberry gum, for
example, has.  And my religion prof last semester gave us an article from
1996 about a gum scare in Egypt--college girls were blaming Israeli gum
called "Aroma" and "Splay" for "transporting" them into a "sexual
frenzy."  <blinks.>  Hmm.

On those DWJ questions:

	Three hundred pages.  Hmm.  That sounds nice :^).  Though I for
one would not complain if it ran longer. . . . . .  I can see how Cat
could be hard to write about, but there are so many other options for the
Chrestomanci universe.  I'd love to see more about many things
including: Jason the bootboy (if he wasn't Michael Saunders after all),
the other worlds ESPECIALLY where Asheth is, whatever happens to Janet,
whatever happens to Nan (and if any more magic showed up in that world
which is ours and I think we had a discussion on this. . . .), whatever
happens to Mordecai and does the Dright strike back. . . . does Cat ever
spirit travel?  Does Janet have talent?

This has always bothered me:  wouldn't Janet miss her family?  Her
friends?  Her world?  If it was me. . . . . I don't know if I'd want to
stay or not.  Anybody else?

And is anybody else left-handed?

Peanut butter:  I read somewhere that more women prefer smooth, while more
men prefer chunky.  I like chunky--with lots and lots of
peanuts--myself.  Peanut butter's good on toast. . . . . and bagels, and
waffles, and celery (with raisins on top--ants on a log, my kindergarten
teacher used to call it).

Talking like books:
I read part of Jose Saramego's "Blindness" when he won the Nobel (wasn't
it?) and had to give it up because I couldn't stop thinking in his style
and it was driving me crazy. 

 I frequently use the phrase "making
mock" which I stole from Kipling's
song/poem "Tommy."  And I totally confused my younger cousin when we
played tennis last week by saying things like "bugrit bugrit bugrit
millenium hand and shrimp."

Anyway. . . . sorry so long.  It's lovely to hear from you all again :^)



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