Literature Abuse

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Mar 27 10:04:41 EST 2001

>We have Buffy (series 4) on BBC 2 on Thursdays, except when teh BBC decides
>to show snooker or something. :-(   Angel is being repeated around midnight
>on Mondays - first series only. Channel 4 showed it originally at about 5.30
>in the afternoon, then cut so much "unsuitable" stuff out as to make half
>the episodes incomprehensible.
>Far be it from me to want to enrich the Murdoch empire, but it's almost
>enough to make me want to get satellite!

:)  How odd that you mention the Murdoch empire in a thread entitled 
Literature Abuse!

>  > <vbg>  My mother and I got some very funny looks recently, when we were
>>  unwise enough to discuss in public the probability of Mr. Rochester's
>>  a very good husband (we came to the conclusion that anyone silly enough to
>>  shut up a mad wife in an attic without proper supervision would not at all
>>  be a suitable candidate for marriage, whether he'd managed to get rid of
>>  lunatic or not).
>I can't help but wonder how he'd have treated Jane if he hadn't been
>crippled. Odd, after all, that he should twice choose a wife with no family
>or protectors nearer than the Caribbean.................

Oh, now you're just being unfair to poor Mr. Rochester!  I'll admit 
he's a massive great bully, but he didn't exactly choose the first 
wife - well, he didn't exactly choose her at all!  But Jane - no. 
The joy of that book to me is that she can take care of herself, even 
before he's crippled.


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