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>>  But back to the point, do other people agree that a few generations
>>  ago tea drinking would have been much more common than coffee (in the
>>  UK and Ireland, this is)?  And when would that have changed?  If
>>  indeed it has, which I would think.  (Just from the size of
>>  supermarket stock, I'd lean towards roughly fifty-fifty.  As a wild
>>  guess.)  Or does anyone feel that they'd have no problem with a
>>  re-write of F&H to have Gran downing quantities of instant coffee?
>>  And Polly not encountering coffee for the first time at Mary Fields?
>>  Is anyone else even remotely interested? :)
>Even more recently than that, I'd say. When I was a child any visit to
>family of parental friends would start with a "cuppa" and be punctuated by
>more of the same at regular intervals. I don't think I had coffee till I was
>into double figures. Now my mother drinks coffee most of the time and very
>few of our friends or family offer tea first. It may be a social group
>thing, but it seems to me to have happened over about the last thirty years.

Well, that's somewhat similar to my experience, at least that visits 
to anyone of the generation above mine would have been tea-providing. 
But by the time I was in the last year or so of school, many friends 
were preferring coffee.  Come to think of it, that may have been the 
school I went to, which was pretty non-conforming in general.  I 
didn't conform to the non-conforming part. :)

In Uni, most of us drank tea.  And like Dorian, a lot of my friends 
were culchies.  (For Gili, "culchies" are people from the country, 
and "jackeens" are Dubliners.  In case Dorian doesn't get to 
explaining it soon.)


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