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"I personally want to hear the story of why it's so hard to get out of your
Jill Wadsworth
The marshmallow is extra sticky.
There are so many hazards and potential disasters when you are reading with
one hand and trying to eat a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich with the
other.  I should probably write a letter (anonymous) of apology to the
children's librarian at my local library....  I don't think I *really*
encrusted any books - maybe a partial fingerprint here and there.  =:o
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I personally want to hear the story of why it's so hard to get out of your
Jill Wadsworth

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If peanut butter solo is an acquired taste, I'd better not mention peanut
butter and marshmallow. 

So you didn't hear it here. 

It's also known as a fluffernutter.  It's the most ridiculous frou-frou
conception of a sandwich I have ever encountered.  I ate them all the time.
Good with banana. Hard to get out of one's hair, though.

If anyone cares to explain the hermeneutics of Bovril or Marmite, you may
send them in, for I am quite at leisure. 

p.s. great to see the list seething with activity! Hi all! 

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