Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Tue Mar 27 14:42:59 EST 2001

Since things have been so active here, I thought I'd share something I've 
just read which I found depressing. This is a rough translation of a cover 
letter sent to me with a manuscript for a book presumably intended for 4 to 
6-year olds. What depresses me is that people actually think along these 
lines, and believe that this type of introduction will appeal to any editor 
of children's books:

A book for young children, a journey of philosophical adventure 
incorporating motifs of ecology and fantasy. Of philosophy this journey 
includes epistemiological inquiry. The family nucleus is presented as the 
stable basis, versus the fluctuating reality which must be explored.
The illustrations combine fiction with stills photography, so as to create a 
duplicity of experience."

I would hesitate to write parody this pompous. Needless to say, this 
introduction is about as long as the entire book, and no less inane.

Vent vent vent.


My standard rejection letter is far too nice for this book.
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