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Tue Mar 27 08:34:28 EST 2001

Hallie wrote
For a completely non-DWJ-ish book ref: the Melendy girls, in I think,
_Then There Were Five_,  making jam and canning all sorts of things,
and nearly killing themselves in the process!  I love those books
very dearly.

Me too!  I try to read that particular book every August, because it has
such a summery feel to me.  You just made me picture the scene where all
the glass jars explode all over the kitchen.

I think it was Paul who brought up the visualization of movie endings.  I
do that too, but what I do even more often is "re-write" the ending
afterwards to have it make more sense or just be more pleasing to me
personally.  It reminds me of _Daddy Long Legs_, where Judy Abbott
imagines a new ending to Hamlet.

Thanks to Mary Ann for the possible answer to my Book ID question.  I
passed on the response, but haven't heard whether it is a match yet.

I just finished Connie Willis'_Doomsday Book_ and am still reeling
somewhat--in a good way, though. 


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