Chocolate (was tea)

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Tue Mar 27 14:12:42 EST 2001

Hot chocolate in America is often dreadful as well. Anything made from a 
packet that you add *water* to is sacrilege: no matter how many marshmallows 
you float in it, it tastes like gritty sugar water. Odd how prevalent these 
are, because instant hot chocolate is so easy: just add hot milk instead of 
hot water, or heat some chocolate milk...

Jennifer wrote that British chocolate is laughed at in the world. I'll have 
you know that whenever I'm in England I travel under strict orders not to 
return without "at least two kilos" of Thornton's continental favourites. 
I'm dead serious, I once bought only one huge box of chocolates and my 
mother had a hissy fit. No other chocolates will do, not Godiva, nor Lindt, 
nor anything fancy that can be purchased without first flying to England. 
(Mind you, it is actually cheaper to fly to London and buy 5 pounds of 
Thorntons than to buy 5 pounds of Godiva without the travel expenses)

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