Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Mar 27 08:43:11 EST 2001

Jacob Proffitt wrote:
>There were three things that surprised me about American food when I moved
>from Germany back to the U.S.  First, everything was *so* sweet in the U.S.
>It hurt.  Second, chocolate in the U.S. is grainy and icky. 

Yes- it seems that there's sugar in everything- to get *bread* that doesn't
taste sweet, you have to buy bakery stuff, all the things on supermarket
shelves are "with a touch of honey" or something. Odd. But my main point is
US chocolate. This totally puzzles me. US chocolate products are *gorgeous*,
brownies and muffins and so on, and yet the actual bars of chocolate are
just awful. They taste like the really cheap chocolate that Xmas tree
ornaments are made of. (And I'm speaking from Britain, whose chocolate is
sneered at with a vengeance by Europeans.) Presumably there's a really low
percentage of actual cocoa solids and butter in it. I don't know about
premium, v. expensive ones, they may be better. (Though last time I was
there there were some bars of Cadbury's in a drugstore at twice the price-
imported, doncherknow. I fell on them with a glad cry, but they were just as
bad! In the small print it said "made under license by Hershey's in the
USA"! Grrrr.) Why do US consumers put up with it? This is a real question,
you [generic] guys have *lots* of spending muscle, why haven't the chocolate
companies been forced to change their wicked ways?
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