Which Contains Far Too Many Confusions...

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> And to return to a literary thread:  I've never been farther out of this
> country than Niagara Falls, and all my experience with other countries is
> through literature (and lately this list of course).  So sometimes the
> I read about aren't explained to my satisfaction.  For example, in the US
> "pickle" is always a pickled cucumber, but it sounds like the English
> all sorts of things...the reason this is literary is I was thinking about
> Mary Norton's _Bed-knob and Broomstick_ and how Miss Price turns to
> gardening and food storage as a replacement for witchcraft.  All those
> of food.  What I'm mainly curious about is what it's really like nowadays.
> Do you buy jars of pickled beets and onions, or is that the sort of thing
> only strange people who live on granola make in their kitchens?

Pickles are any fruit preserved in a vinegar or vinegar/sugar mix, and teh
term is also used colloquially for chutneys - cooked preserves mixing
fruits, onions, vinegar and sugar, cooked till very thick and served with
cold meats, cheese etc.

Yes, lots of people buy pickled onions, beetroot etc - several feet of a
supermarket shelf will be devoted to them, chutneys, pickles etc. Pickled
cucumbers (or gherkins) are there, but less commonly bought.


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