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> Indeed, I think so, and I cannot conceive that any would disagree; though
> be sure, there exists an unfortunate number of apparently illiterate
> in the cyber-realm.

To disagree with your point would be the work of a fool; to agree, the work
of a moment.

> >
> > You're into slayage too?
> Ooh, yes!  Only problem being, I'm generally doing something else on a
> Friday evening, and now I have three weeks worth of Buffy and Angel
> on tape, waiting to be watched!

We have Buffy (series 4) on BBC 2 on Thursdays, except when teh BBC decides
to show snooker or something. :-(   Angel is being repeated around midnight
on Mondays - first series only. Channel 4 showed it originally at about 5.30
in the afternoon, then cut so much "unsuitable" stuff out as to make half
the episodes incomprehensible.

Far be it from me to want to enrich the Murdoch empire, but it's almost
enough to make me want to get satellite!

> > It was a bright, cold day in April and tehre was no possibility of
> a
> > walk that day, you mean?<g>
> <vbg>  My mother and I got some very funny looks recently, when we were
> unwise enough to discuss in public the probability of Mr. Rochester's
> a very good husband (we came to the conclusion that anyone silly enough to
> shut up a mad wife in an attic without proper supervision would not at all
> be a suitable candidate for marriage, whether he'd managed to get rid of
> lunatic or not).

I can't help but wonder how he'd have treated Jane if he hadn't been
crippled. Odd, after all, that he should twice choose a wife with no family
or protectors nearer than the Caribbean.................


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