Which Contains Far Too Many Confusions...

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> Weirdly enough (for me) when I arrived in the UK, I discovered that
> "marmalade" only seems to apply to preserves made of citrus fruit, mainly
> oranges, but also lemon, limes etc.

And Ginger Marmelade. But yes, mostly it's the slightly bitter citrus
preserves we call by that name.

 Everything else is either jam (generic, "normal" preserve), jelly (strained
and set), preserve(whenit actually says
> that on the label. It's usu. runny and posh) and there is such a thing as
> damson cheese, which has no cheese in it at all, but is a strained
> made with damsons (plums) and cooked until it thickens lots more than
> Did I get this right, o assorted list-Brits?

Pretty much. You can get assorted "butters" which are predominantly made
from what's left after you've strained the juice out of blackberries etc to
make a jelly - so a fruit cheese will be very thick. Then there are "curds",
especially lemon curd, which is made with added eggs.

I think Damson cheese has fruit pulp in it rather than just juice, but all
my recipe books are at home, six miles away.<g>

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