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> But back to the point, do other people agree that a few generations
> ago tea drinking would have been much more common than coffee (in the
> UK and Ireland, this is)?  And when would that have changed?  If
> indeed it has, which I would think.  (Just from the size of
> supermarket stock, I'd lean towards roughly fifty-fifty.  As a wild
> guess.)  Or does anyone feel that they'd have no problem with a
> re-write of F&H to have Gran downing quantities of instant coffee?
> And Polly not encountering coffee for the first time at Mary Fields?
> Is anyone else even remotely interested? :)

Even more recently than that, I'd say. When I was a child any visit to
family of parental friends would start with a "cuppa" and be punctuated by
more of the same at regular intervals. I don't think I had coffee till I was
into double figures. Now my mother drinks coffee most of the time and very
few of our friends or family offer tea first. It may be a social group
thing, but it seems to me to have happened over about the last thirty years.

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