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Tue Mar 27 06:47:27 EST 2001

I am far too busy for this: the bus leaves in less than half an hour and I
have not finished a (boring non-fiction study) book that must be returned
to the library today at the latest.

But oh well, I am still very grateful for the list tip to look at the
latest answers from DWJ posted on the DWJ fan site. Lots of interesting
things there. I am sure you will all clutch the edge of the table and read
feverishly on when you get to tidbits like these:

Question:   Will there be anymore full-length Chrestomanci Novels?

Diana's Reply:   Let's hope so. The trouble is that my imagination doesn't
work either to order or the way I think it does. And I like Cat too, but
he's a difficult person, particularly as he gets older.

Question:   I would like to know where you get ideas from?

Diana's Reply:   As I said to someone else earlier, I get my ideas from all
sorts of - mostly unexpected - places. Sometimes people I meet make
suggestions, like the boy did over the moving castle, or someone else I met
in Hay on Wye recently, who asked me to please write more about Nick and
Mallory from DEEP SECRET (and I just have).

Plus this fine detail in an answer to a less interesting question:

Diana's Reply:   My latest one, which is only half done so far, is going to
be about 300 pages once it's finished. Readers seem to prefer this. Can't
be bad. By the way this book is very magical, but about different people.

Friendly greetings,

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