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Tue Mar 27 04:52:15 EST 2001

>	See, Eddings had two sequences which made me laugh out loud - 
>something about the foolish Arendian in the Belgariad and the part with
>the old sorcerer/scholar who discovered how to teleport in the Mallorean -
>Silk, and 'Zakath.  Without Silk I would probably have stopped reading
>after the first book.  His other two series not only have no redeeming
>qualities and the same nearly unbearable style but also have the
>Child-Goddess Aphrael, who is, I believe, the single most hateful character

>I have ever encountered in literature.

I find some of the places and Other Races (obTough Guide) that he comes up
with interesting. But the CHARACTERISATION, eurgh! He always seems to do
manipulative faux-childish women and manipulative superhuman calm women and
manipulative super-sexy women but no actual, believable, women at all.
Slightly better with men, but still not great. The latest one (I do not buy
them- but sometimes there's nothing better at the library), about the thief,
reads like a flawed photocopy of all his others, squeezed into one book
rather than spread out to a series, so there's even less development and
believable motivation than usual. (How different from the prose style of our
own dear DWJ.)
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