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>From: "McMullin, Elise" <emcmullin at kl.com>
>It's also known as a fluffernutter.


All this discussion reminded my of an anecdote related to me as a true 
story. An Israeli friend of my mother's allegedly once said to a Japanese 
colleague in the U.S. something along the lines of:

"Isn't it funny how we all take for granted that certain foods are breakfast 
foods, when in other cultures people eat completely different foods for 

To which the colleague allegedly replied: "What do you mean? Doesn't 
everyone have rice and broth for breakfast?"

Classic "Israeli breakfasts", BTW, contain sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, 
sometimes as salad; boiled or fried egg; a range of yoghourts and light, 
fluffy spoonable cream-cheese; and bread. Cereals are catching on, but they 
are a recent import.

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