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Tue Mar 27 06:50:37 EST 2001

Personally, I'm surprised to discover how many of us don't like coffee. My 
mother cannot abide either coffee or tea and never touches them. She keeps 
them at home for guests, and when she prepares them does so with the sort of 
detached amusement with which I reserve for discussing Pokemons with my 

Legend has it that when she was little and had a sore throat or cold, my 
grandmother would try giving her tea, but she kept asking for more and more 
lemon and sugar in it, until it ocurred to my grandmother to simply prepare 
a sort of hot lemonade without any tea in it. By the time I came around, hot 
lemonade was the traditional drink for sick kids.

I dislike coffee, but under some circumstances will drink it with sugar and 
plenty of milk. I drink hot tea with fresh mint in it ocassionally, after a 
large meal or on lazy weekend mornings.
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