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Ania said

> Weirdly enough (for me) when I arrived in the UK, I discovered that
> "marmalade" only seems to apply to preserves made of citrus fruit, mainly
> oranges, but also lemon, limes etc. Everything else is either jam (generic,
> "normal" preserve), jelly (strained and set), preserve(whenit actually says
> that on the label. It's usu. runny and posh) and there is such a thing as
> damson cheese, which has no cheese in it at all, but is a strained preserve
> made with damsons (plums) and cooked until it thickens lots more than jelly.
> Did I get this right, o assorted list-Brits?

Sounds ok to me. Why the difference in the meaning of 
marmalade? I suspect its what happens when a new word comes 
into English that means the same as an existing one and the 
meanings kind of shuffle around and subdivide. Citrus preserves are 
regarded as breakfasty things in Britain whereas other preserves 
are for anytime, so we gave them a word each. Mind you it could 
also be because citrus fruits and their preserves are imported and 
hence the word for them is too. I dunno, what does everyone else 

I can't resist joining in the jam recipe conversation. My Mum was a 
dedicated jam maker, due to growing up in wartime and being 
lucky enough to have a garden full of fruit bushes and trees. Now 
pectin occurs naturally in fruit so Mum thought it was letting the 
side down if you had to add it to make the stuff set. Mind you she 
had to give in when it came to strawberry. Most of her jam was very 
good but she made some bizarre wartime ones like rhubarb, not 
too bad and marrow and ginger, which we begged her to stop -- by 
that time there were three years worth of jars of the stuff.

Oh and stuff called "cheese" I don't know the damson kind, but 
lemon cheese and curd has eggs in it.  

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