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Preisig, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Preisig at
Mon Mar 26 16:40:15 EST 2001

Okay, I can keep quiet when the discussion is about books, but I just can't
leave the food topics alone.

I am an absolute peanut paste (alternative name for peanut butter in
Australia) addict!  Can't get enough of the stuff.  I eat it in my
sandwiches half a centimetre thich for lunch, then come home and eat it out
of the jar for afternoon tea.

But the catch is that years ago I got sick of the salt in it and weaned
myself on the the salt-free sugar-free variety.  Which is fine in Australia.
Kraft is the biggest manufacturer of peanut paste in Aus., and it was just a
matter of changing the colour of the label on the jar, not the brand.  But a
few weeks ago when I got to the USA I was horrified to discover that not a
jar of Kraft peanut paste was to be seen on the shelves of the local
supermarket!  And not only that, but the only jar of salt-free peanut paste
I could fine was smooth, not crunchy!!  And it tasted horrible.  The only
jars I could find of what I want were organically grown, cost a fortune, and
had a centimetre of oil floating on the top that has to be stired through so
it's not horrible and dry!

Thank goodness it's only a couple of weeks until I get home!

whose luggage next trip is going to contain an awful lot of peanut paste and
maybe even some Vegemite :)

PS I wasn't joking, coffee is horrible.  Foul, vile, disgusting, yucky and
horriblle.  Okay, it doesn't smell too bad, but the _taste_!

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