Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Mar 26 16:16:03 EST 2001


>  > Or does anyone feel that they'd have no problem with a
>>  re-write of F&H to have Gran downing quantities of instant coffee?
>No, no!  Hideous!  Granny is a tea person; her whole personality would
>change if you made her drink coffee!

Well, thank you, that is rather what I hoped to hear. :)

Just to bring this back off-topic again, at summer school last year 
we had one tutor run one of the options on Madness and Myth (or some 
such).  She had a very annoying way of asking a question, and getting 
a number of answers and (supposed) discussion, and then finally 
getting the answer she wanted and saying "THANK you.  That's what I 
was looking for".  We got royally fed up with it right quick!

But this ties back into your discussion with your mother, Dorian, as 
the answer she was looking for was that Mr. Rochester was every bit 
as mad as Antionette (of _Wide Sargasso Sea_ = Bertha, the Madwoman 
in the Attic, the First Mrs. Rochester of _Jane Eyre_).


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