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Mon Mar 26 14:09:53 EST 2001

> But back to the point, do other people agree that a few generations 
> >ago tea drinking would have been much more common than coffee (in the 
> >UK and Ireland, this is)?  And when would that have changed? 

I think its a cost thing. Tea has always been cheaper than coffee, 
even after the advent of instant. I think tea was traditionally 
regarded as a staple and coffee as a luxury. There was all sorts of 
ersatz coffee around during the war though so people must have 
been drinking it before. My mum, born 1928, always made coffee 
for elevenses (at the end of the month it was sometimes the 
disgusting "camp coffee" with chicory) but pots of tea at every 
mealtime and either cocoa or some malted drink at bedtime. I 
wasn't allowed tea 'til I was about five and no coffee 'til a lot later 
because it wasn't regarded as good for children (or possibly too 
good for them, I can't imagine DWJ's parents providing them with 
any). I think thats why Polly had never had coffee before Mary 
Fields, it was about being treated as grown up.

Btw one way to judge the age and value of antique tea and coffee 
cups is by the size. The oldest are incredibly small, they get bigger 
with time as the cost went down.  

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