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Mon Mar 26 14:09:30 EST 2001

Hallie said...
> But back to the point, do other people agree that a few generations
> ago tea drinking would have been much more common than coffee (in the
> UK and Ireland, this is)?  And when would that have changed?

My general feeling is that it hasn't changed all that much.  But then I look
at my Friday night gaming group, and the relative proportions of tea and
coffee made on Fridays:  We have 3 coffee drinkers, 2 tea drinkers, one who
can't make up her mind, and one who drinks herbal teas.  So coffee is
slightly in the ascendant, there.

Personally, I'm a coffee drinker (black, no sugar), which I ascribe at least
partially to having been brought up in a coffee drinking household (though
my brother turned into a tea drinker, for some bizarre reason; I still can't
abide the filthy stuff!).  But at least when I was at college (late
80s/early 90s), I was in the minority amongst my friends.  Maybe it has
something to do with region; all of my friends were "culchies" and I was the
only "jackeen" in the group.

> Or does anyone feel that they'd have no problem with a
> re-write of F&H to have Gran downing quantities of instant coffee?

No, no!  Hideous!  Granny is a tea person; her whole personality would
change if you made her drink coffee!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"Fashion exists for women with no taste, etiquette for people with no
--Queen Marie of Romania

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