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Mon Mar 26 14:03:46 EST 2001

Gill said...

> > Oh, goodness, yes!  I do this all the time.  You should hear me after
> > been reading Jane Austen. :-)
> It is a truth universally acknowledged that list members in pursuit of a
> good style inavraibly turn to Jane Austen. However little is known in
> of teh wishes and preferences of these cyber-friends their love of Regency
> works and good writing combine to make her novels supelative in their
> eyes.....

Indeed, I think so, and I cannot conceive that any would disagree; though to
be sure, there exists an unfortunate number of apparently illiterate people
in the cyber-realm.
> > But for me, it's not confined to books; I will come away from plays,
> > or TV programmes talking like the main characters, too.  I go all
> > Californian after I've been watching "Buffy".
> You're into slayage too?

Ooh, yes!  Only problem being, I'm generally doing something else on a
Friday evening, and now I have three weeks worth of Buffy and Angel episodes
on tape, waiting to be watched!
> > The strangest looks I get are when I quote things (which I do all the
> > it's a family habit), and those around me don't recognise the reference.
> > can cope, I suppose, with blank looks when I say "you have no
> > for my nerves!", but I worry when no-ne recognises "a bear of very
> > brain". :-)
> It was a bright, cold day in April and tehre was no possibility of taking
> walk that day, you mean?<g>

<vbg>  My mother and I got some very funny looks recently, when we were
unwise enough to discuss in public the probability of Mr. Rochester's making
a very good husband (we came to the conclusion that anyone silly enough to
shut up a mad wife in an attic without proper supervision would not at all
be a suitable candidate for marriage, whether he'd managed to get rid of the
lunatic or not).

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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