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Mon Mar 26 12:08:51 EST 2001

>And now that I think about it, isn't "The Great Piratical
>Rumbustification" also by Mahy?

Yes indeed, twinned with "The Librarian and the Robbers," with 
wonderful illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Her books come in such a variety of sizes and shapes, it's hard to 
put a finger on her. She reminds me of Jane Yolen in that regard, but 
where with Yolen you sometimes get the feeling she leans a little 
heavily on the "99% perspiration" theory of creativity, even in 
Mahy's lesser books there's a wonderful lightness of spirit. I think 
that's what makes her YA novels bearable... they almost all deal with 
very heavy stuff, but they have not just a sense of humor but a 
general hopefulness to them in the end. She reminds me a little of 
LeGuin in this. And like LeGuin, even when she's writing novels with 
no overt magic in them, there's an underlying magical mood that 
permeates the book.

The Changeover is my favorite of the YAs. but I also loved Catalogue 
of the Universe, Memory, the Tricksters, Underrunners...oh, heck, 
everything she's written in the last 20 years is great.

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