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Mon Mar 26 12:07:53 EST 2001

Hallie O'Donovan schrieb:

> But back to the point, do other people agree that a few generations
> ago tea drinking would have been much more common than coffee (in the
> UK and Ireland, this is)?  And when would that have changed?

This isn't really an answer to this, but in our office most people drink
coffee. I believe it's because it's convenient: Somebody makes coffee, which
than is kept warm in the machine, and whenever someone wants a cup, he just
goes there and it's ready and warm. This has of course  the drawback that old
coffee tastes "vile and disgusting", but some people are caffeine junkies to
that extent that they don't mind. (Hey, that's cold! -Yeah. But it's coffee.)
It would be more complicated to keep a pot of tea warm, I suppose. And, she
added as an afterthought, it has less caffeine.


"Ohne Caffee gönnen wir nicht gämpfen!"
(Without coffee we can't fight) that's what some saxon soldiers supposedly
said to their leader in the ?? 17. century. Can't get it closer, but I read
that in a travel guide.

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