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Hi, Liz!

> I've been lurking for a couple of months, but it was starting to feel a
> too much like eavesdropping, so I thought I'd better introduce
> Liz; I know a few people here already from the GO list, and it has been
> lovely "listening" to all of you chattering for the past few weeks! After
> reading and loving Witch Week as a child, I only rediscovered DWJ over
> Christmas, and can't believe I let the rest of her books pass me by -
> it's nice to know there are so many I have left to read :o).

I envy you that, though I'm glad I wasn't DWJ-deprived for so long.

> I love this! In their first series (1995?), The Fast Show (UK comedy) had
> sketch where each week someone would say something stupid, everyone would
> stare at them and they'd say "I'll get me coat" - is this where the IGMC
> comes from, anyone know? Probably not, but you never know.

So it's a bit like "Cheque, please" in "Goodness Gracious me!"?


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