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> Oh, goodness, yes!  I do this all the time.  You should hear me after I've
> been reading Jane Austen. :-)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that list members in pursuit of a
good style inavraibly turn to Jane Austen. However little is known in adance
of teh wishes and preferences of these cyber-friends their love of Regency
works and good writing combine to make her novels supelative in their

> But for me, it's not confined to books; I will come away from plays, films
> or TV programmes talking like the main characters, too.  I go all
> Californian after I've been watching "Buffy".

You're into slayage too?

> The strangest looks I get are when I quote things (which I do all the
> it's a family habit), and those around me don't recognise the reference.
> can cope, I suppose, with blank looks when I say "you have no
> for my nerves!", but I worry when no-ne recognises "a bear of very little
> brain". :-)

It was a bright, cold day in April and tehre was no possibility of taking a
walk that day, you mean?<g>


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