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Mon Mar 26 07:38:02 EST 2001

Gili Bar-Hillel schrieb:

> And as a non-American, I can testify that anything having to do with peanut
> butter is vaguely bizarre.

I'll second that.
My first experience with peanut butter was rather traumatic. Untoasted toast,
pb and sweet jam. "My favorite", said the Canadian girl who had made it for me.
And I found it very hard to swallow. The stuff seemd to get more and more in my
mouth. I mumbled: "mfinmftrestingmf" and bravely ate the whole toast. I
discovered it went better if I didn't chew. ;-) A friend of mine says that
peanut butter tastes "slow" and I agree with him.

> I actually like peanut butter, but it's an
> acquired taste.

It grows on you. Nowadays I buy it sometimes. What is really nice is adding a
bit of pb to a banana milk shake. (Before shaking...)


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