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> My parents used to think it was strange that I read whilst travelling
> through the desert, at beautiful beaches or at picnics...they couldn't
> understand how I could appreciate the scenary AND read. But I think reading
> in a lovely place can make the book more relaxing and enjoyable. Unless
> it's a book I've been waiting for for over a year and then nothing gets
> through!
> Emma
I often find that in nice places i'm actually doing more looking than 
reading but that just makes the book last longer. My selection of 
holiday reading is always very important to me. it has to be 
something I can get my teeth into but not anything too grim or 
difficult. I like to take one classic "worthy" book for every too 
fantasy/sf. I mentioned the backache I get from holiday reading 

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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