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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Sun Mar 25 09:57:07 EST 2001

still trying to catch up, but had to say (in response to Miranda) I *hated* 
"Wicked". And not for being the antithesis of Oz as I imagine it, which it 
is. I could live with that. Even though there's dark depressing and there's 
DARK AND DEPRESSING, and I think he could have written at least one 
character who is not a hypocritical social climber and yet does not die 
tragically, dissappear without trace or go insane. What I resented was the 
repeated cliffhangers with no resolution and psychedelic obscure bits, and 
the parts where you need to piece together what happened over 20 years which 
the book inexplicably skipped. And the topheavy prose. I thought I might 
like "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" better because at least I wouldn't 
have the corruption of Oz to react to - I never liked Cinderella as much as 
Dorothy, so go ahead and besmirch her if you must - but I left off reading 
after a few tedious chapters and can't get for the life of me bring myself 
to pick it up again. And I so *want* to like Gregory Maguire's writing 
because I've liked everything he wrote *about* children's literature that I 
read. And he seems a particularly nice person in person, from secondhand 
reports and having once spoken on the same radio show as he. But it seems I 
just don't like his books...

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