120 messages!!!

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 25 09:25:12 EST 2001

Eeeek. I go away for a couple of days and there are 120 new messages from 
the DWJ list in my inbox...

Due to server problems it looks like it will take the better part of a day 
to read them all, but I'm going to go ahead anyway.

Compulsive posting. Nothing to say, just a burning desire to say it.

Ah, I will say I've read "The Amer Spyglass", mostly as good as it's cracked 
up to be but the vert end mushed a little I think, and have discovered 
Margaret Mahy with two books. I like how she writes families, oddly, more 
than I like how she writes magic.

I must hurry and post this before the server dies again.

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