Literature Abuse

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Sat Mar 24 14:47:33 EST 2001

Emma said...
> Hi, I'm also new to the list, although I've been belatedly reading digests
> for a while.


> I think another sign of literature abuse is when you find yourself talking
> and thinking in the style of a book you've been reading - even if it's old
> English or includes adjectives unique to the novel.

Oh, goodness, yes!  I do this all the time.  You should hear me after I've
been reading Jane Austen. :-)

But for me, it's not confined to books; I will come away from plays, films
or TV programmes talking like the main characters, too.  I go all
Californian after I've been watching "Buffy".

> It causes strange
> looks...maybe not as many as "she said" though!

The strangest looks I get are when I quote things (which I do all the time;
it's a family habit), and those around me don't recognise the reference.  I
can cope, I suppose, with blank looks when I say "you have no consideration
for my nerves!", but I worry when no-ne recognises "a bear of very little
brain". :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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