Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Sat Mar 24 08:36:44 EST 2001

>   There was a piece on National Public Radio once about
> vegemite and they
> interviewed an Australian woman who got very defensive about
> vegemite.  She said
> Americans shouldn't be so negative about vegemite when they
> eat something as
> disgusting as peanut butter and jelly.  Do Australians use
> "jelly" to describe
> something beside strained fruit preserves or is peanut butter
> and jelly really
> that strange a combination?
Yes and Yes.

Jelly to us is what the US calls Jello! I think we would call your jelly

It always seems weird to me (hanging out in parenting newsgroups for many a
long year) that Americans actually think of PBJ sandwiches as healthy and a
good afternoon snack. Jam sangers are a special sweet treat for my children!
But of course they're allowed vegemite any time, and no doubt some other
standard thing I feed them would horrify Americans.
Oh yes... it was on a newsgroup that I discovered that Americans don't
consider butter (or substitute) de riguer on sandwiches. To me, a sandwich
starts out, by definition, with bread and butter then gets stuff added to


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