Literature abuse

Anita Graham amgraham at
Sat Mar 24 08:32:04 EST 2001

Paul wrote:

> IGMC is a 'net-abbreviation meaning "I've just said something
> outrageous/stupid/hokey, and I expect you'll be wanting me to go away
> now."
> The original expression was "I'll get my coat."

Oooh...nevererdovit! (and I've been on the net long enough that a new, fun
acronym is rare!)
> ...Although, as it happens, it was a cold day when I wrote that post,
> so I was already wearing my coat. :)

Ummm... so you are telling us that you've moved away from Perth!
We haven't had a cold day since about October, and that's what we call a
cold day.
In other people's terms I don't think we've ever had a cold day.

Anita, who has friends who survived the Montreal ice storm a couple of years

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