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Fri Mar 23 18:18:24 EST 2001

Miranda wrote
> Funny how being a book lover can lead one to be
> quite hard on books. Stuffing them into pockets, etc. 
> The worst is my habit of reading in the bath.....

Mmmm, soggy books really annoy me, the last one was Brust's 
Orca, which positively leapt out of my pocket into the bath -- I'd 
better not try reading Moby Dick or Dolphins of Pern in there 
then......  I remember a young vicar giving us a little talk at Sunday 
School about the bible his aunts gave him when he went to college. 
Apparently they were horrified at its woeful condition by the time he 
graduated, all dogears and covers falling ioff and the odd food stain. 
"But," he said "it got that way through reading -- which is what a 
bible is for, not  display on a shelf. I went away and applied this to 
all books. Since I've been able to afford a few hardbacks I do try to 
be less careless with them but my attitude is fundamentally the 
same. I do find that keeping cats is hard on books, they can 
mostly be deterred from chewing or clawing but they just won't 
learn to lay off with the muddy paws.

I used to have a habit of reading up in our apple tree, and any roof I 
could get up to -- anyone else read in odd places (apart from the 
driving seat of moving cars -- that is a terrible story Jacob!).

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