Literature Abuse, Tea etc.

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Fri Mar 23 14:26:10 EST 2001

on 23.3.2001 06:36, Miranda K. Smith at mirkat at wrote:

> Funny how being a book lover can lead one to be
> quite hard on books. Stuffing them into pockets, etc.
> The worst is my habit of reading in the bath.....

I, too, am definitely a literature abuser. Even worse than reading books in
the bath is reading them in the sauna which I used to do when younger...
Humidity and hot temperatures do nasty things the glue in the books' spine,
i.e. the cover falls off, as I discovered =).

I'm not that fastidious about my books, but I try to keep them in fairly
good shape - some books are irreplaceable, since some stuff is never
reprinted and/or might be almost impossible to find later (at least at
reasonable prices).

I haven't thought about myself in the third persona, but when at home I
almost always walk around with a book (know where the furniture is). The
local climate is not that favourable to reading while walking outdoors,
especially in the winter.

Re: Tea&Coffee&Chocolate
I used to drink a lot more coffee, but nowadays I usually drink tea. My
current tea flavour is green tea with peach which I usually drink as is, but
sometimes with honey. Hot chocolate is just divine on cold winter days.

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