Literature Abuse

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Fri Mar 23 14:12:30 EST 2001

> American reprints of Dickens and Austen and others sometimes "standardize"
> the spelling and punctuation, so I have two copies of _Pride and
> one for each style.  I like it pure.  :)
> Melissa Proffitt

And this neatly brings me back to the -ise vs. -ize topic. I had a
conversation about it with my PhD supervisor who's American, and he said
that using -ise endings was, in his opinion, a backlash of sorts against all
things American, but in fact -ize is the more correct form. He then showed
me his copy of the _Oxford_ guide to style, and sure enough, this most
English of publications stated that -ize is to be used except when it's
obviously inappropriate, like in e.g. advise or practise.
I stand corrected, then.

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