Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Fri Mar 23 09:38:01 EST 2001

> Vegemite and yeast extract sound quite benign, next to Bovril &
> Marmite.  It's the smell, and the vile associations with the bovine
> carcasses used to make it which really gets to me.

Yeast extract=marmite=vegemite. And it's vegetarian. I checked.
Bovril is a different animal (literally). It _looks_ the same but has dead
cow in it.

> Funnily enough, there's an ad for Bovril on the telly, which has a
> girl getting herself all prettied up to go sit on the sofa with the
> bf.  He's meanwhile sitting there drinking a cup of Bovril.  As soon
> as she gets snuggled up to him, she smells it, and goes rushing out
> of the room in acute nausea.  (I might have the genders confused or
> something, but that's the general gist of it.

That sounds like the ads for marmite, the you either love it or hate it
ones. There was one when a girl and a bloke start snogging and he suddenly
jumps up, starts spitting and gagging and rushes to the bathroom to wash his
mouth out, or throw up or sth. The camera pans out and takes in a side table
on which one sees a plate with a couple of bits of toast and marmite. A bite
has been taken of one corner. The girl smirks wickedly.

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