Literature Abuse

Abe Gross argross at
Fri Mar 23 09:00:39 EST 2001

> Miranda wrote
> >  I remember
> > once or twice catching myself narrating my own life
> > in third person, like a novel. E.g. finding myself thinking,
> > "She climbed onto her bike." I think I even once
> > accidentally appended, "She said", onto the end of
> > something I was telling someone. Oops.
> > Just me? Please tell me it's not just me? ...:-)

I have to join the chorus of "me, too" here. Even today I occasionally find
myself pretending someone famous, a favourite author for instance, is
watching me, and recounting my life in third person. Another thing I do is
"write" whatever is happening in my head. For instance, I might smell some
roses and think,"The roses smelled like velvet musk," as if I were writing a

I was telling my cousin a few weeks ago that I was addicted to reading. "But
when do you find the time to read? she asked. I answered, "Oh, everywhere.
In the toilet, while eating, while stopped at traffic lights." She was
scandalized by the last one especially (she thought it was dangerous) and
said in awe, "You really ARE addicted, aren't you?" I immediately found
myself thinking that what I do is normal. I sometimes feel surprised that
most people don't do these things.


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