Tea and all that

liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Fri Mar 23 07:30:46 EST 2001

Thanks for explainig "Bovril".
Altough I have to admit that it's not really something I'd like to try. (Eat
*or* drink).

> >Have you heard of japanese Genmaicha tea? It's green tea with puffed
> >rice (!!) in it (mixed with the tea leaves, that is).
> Interesting. Does it actually taste of rice or is this an aesthetic thing?

It doesn't actually taste of rice, but it does make a difference. It tastes
slightly of nuts (I don't suppose you say "nutty" :-) It's a very mild tea. When
I first bought it I tried a bit of the puffed rice, which tasted just like I
expected it. (Rice crispies!!) But it also looks nice.


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