Tea and all that

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Fri Mar 23 07:27:49 EST 2001

>you eat that? Or drink it? "Bettina is confused, and thinks about the
>she was a child and some well meaning adults gave her a bit of yeast. And
>tried politly to escape to the toilet to spit out the stuff..."

Marmite is a brand name for yeast extract. It's very salty and v. savoury
and doesn't taste anything like yeast. It has the colour and consistency of
molasses and is used to spread on bread or as stock in stews. It was not
known in Poland, so maybe it hasn't reached Germany either.
Bovril - another brand name - looks like marmite but it has extract of dead
cow in it. Being a vegetarian, Ania is unsure of the exact composition and
has never allowed it to pass her lips, but she strongly suspects that it
tastes a little like marmite with meaty overtones.
Bovril is made into a hot drink (Ania shudders at the very idea) or, she
thinks, used like marmite.
An advertising campaign in the UK played on the idea that you either love or
hate marmite.

>What I really hate is
>hot milk or hot milk with honey.

When Ania attended kindergarten she and her fellow inmates were given
breakfast and lunch there. Breakfast consisted of bread spread with butter
and something else, and a drink. Certain combinations were de rigueur: on
days when the children were given black bread with honey- yum- they had hot
milk, a whole brimming cupful of the stuff, to accompany it. To this day,
the very smell of hot milk makes Ania gag.


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