Tea and all that

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Fri Mar 23 06:13:49 EST 2001

Bettina wrote:
>First, help me please: What is "Bovril"? Somebody mentioned yeast extract?
>you eat that? Or drink it? 

Bovril is *like* yeast extract in that it is a salty, strong tasting, dark
brown goo (about the consistency of vert thick honey, or molasses.) And like
yeast extract, you can use it as a stock base or smear it (thinly) on bread.
I don't *think* people put hot water on yeast extract and drink it, which is
one use of Bovril- it was recommended during the war, to keep people's
strength/spirits up (it wouldn't keep *mine* up, I have to say)- I don't
think it was rationed. The difference is that where yeast extract is, well,
extracted from yeast, Bovril is concentrated beef stock (like Oxo.) (I think
the root of the word is latinish, bovine.) 

>Have you heard of japanese Genmaicha tea? It's green tea with puffed
>rice (!!) in it (mixed with the tea leaves, that is).

Interesting. Does it actually taste of rice or is this an aesthetic thing?
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