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Hello everybody,

First, help me please: What is "Bovril"? Somebody mentioned yeast extract? And
you eat that? Or drink it? "Bettina is confused, and thinks about the timewhen
she was a child and some well meaning adults gave her a bit of yeast. And she
tried politly to escape to the toilet to spit out the stuff..."

Tea, coffee, chocolate, all fine by me. Although I find coffe (with the exception
of a real italian capuccino) smells better than it tastes. What I really hate is
hot milk or hot milk with honey. As i can neither dink very much coffee (I'll get
all shaky and totally hyper after three cups) or hot chocolate (too sweet to have
more than a cup) tea is the beverage of choice. And I like all kinds of tea. Earl
Grey, btw, is flavored with bergamotte, that's some kind of lemon. At the moment
I have in my office "Helgoländer Brandung" (fruit tea, with cherries and other
berries, a bit strange, but I like to experiment), chinese green jasmin tea and
Ostfriesische Mischung (black tea, which is drunk in northern Germany with cany
and cream). Have you heard of japanese Genmaicha tea? It's green tea with puffed
rice (!!) in it (mixed with the tea leaves, that is).


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a
little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

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