Literature Abuse

Ven ven at
Thu Mar 22 21:01:19 EST 2001

Miranda wrote
>  I remember
> once or twice catching myself narrating my own life
> in third person, like a novel. E.g. finding myself thinking,
> "She climbed onto her bike." I think I even once 
> accidentally appended, "She said", onto the end of 
> something I was telling someone. Oops. 
> Just me? Please tell me it's not just me? ...:-)

Me too. I don't ever remember ever actually saying any of it (an 
advantage of having a stammer?) but I caught my brother at it a 
couple of times, which was a relief because I then knew I wasn't 
the only one. There's a song by Pulp where Jarvis Cocker is being 
his teenage self, third person narrating a bike ride in the style of a 
football commentator. Its rather sweet. And I vaguely remember a 
TV play about a cricket obsessed teenage boy, his third person 
narration was performed by a real, eminent cricket commentator. 

I'm definitely a literature abusesr, but then I knew that already <g>. 
you should see the way I treat books as well......... I can't 
remember actually injuring myself/risking my life through reading 
(unless you count back strain from holiday suitcases overloaded 
with books) but it has got me into trouble. At primary school I was 
actually banned from reading fro two weeks for reading under my 
desk when the teacher was talking and for reading the books I was 
supposed to be searchinhg for synoyms or adjectives or something.
(I've just remembered that buried in the archives somewhere I made 
an even worse confession <g>).


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